Tonight’s lineup: LaRoche’s turn

Furcal leads off again against Micah Bowie, a left-hander

SS Furcal
CF Pierre
1B Nomar
2B Kent
LF Gonzo
C Martin
3B LaRoche
RF Ethier
LH Hendrickson

By the way, I asked Grady a couple of days ago about the determining factor for whether Ethier hits seventh or eighth. He basically said that he doesn’t want a power hitter getting pitched around because he bats ahead of the pitcher, which is why Ethier hits seventh when Tony Abreu is at 3B. But, at least in theory, both LaRoche and Wilson Betemit have sufficient power that Grady doesn’t want them hitting in front of the pitcher, either, and someone has to. So when one of them is in the lineup, that someone is Ethier. … This is the Dodgers’ last game ever at RFK (woohoo!!!!) — and don’t you DARE suggest that the Dodgers could still play the Nats in the playoffs, because they aren’t gonna. What a colossal dump — not to mention the fact it’s in one of the worst areas of DC. And not to mention the fact it literally stinks. You can smell something rotting the minute you walk into the place. Good riddance, I say. Next time the Dodgers come here, they will be playing in a brand new, $600 million-plus park on the Anacostia River.

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