Bats come alive

A lot of it, in my humble opinion, is because the Dodgers are working counts better than I have seen them do so all season. They made Dustin McGowan throw 65 pitches before they chased him with two outs in the top of the second inning. I know he was getting knocked around and facing a lot of batters (15), but that’s still a lot of pitches in that short of a span. Juan Pierre is having the kind of game Grady and Ned have been waiting all season for him to have. He has been to the plate three times. He has singled, walked and doubled. And he has scored three runs. Gonzo also is having a great game, he is 3 for 3 with two singles, a double and four RBI already. And although Brad Penny has been far from dominating, it appears the Dodgers are finally going to win their second interleague road game since the start of the 2005 season. They already have scored more runs than they did the whole Angels series over the weekend. Dodgers 9, Blue Jays 1, middle 4

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