Devil Rays 9, Dodgers 4

This might be the lowest point in the Dodgers’ season thus far. Blowing a three-run lead in the ninth at San Diego is one thing. Losing two of three to this outfit is quite another. Losing ONE to E-Jax? That’s about as bad as it gets, especially considering no other major-league has done it since 2005. James Loney homered in the ninth, putting him in the evergrowing legion of Dodgers players who have more home runs than Nomar this season. Matt Kemp followed with a single, but it didn’t really matter much because Wilson Betemit was on deck. Predictably, he struck out swinging and is now 0 for 18 with 7 Ks. Dodgers fall to 42-33 and limp (literally, in the case of Rafael Furcal) into the most important week of the season to date, a seven-game stretch against the D-Backs and Pods.

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