Gonzo tries to kill a Devil Ray

Luis Gonzalez went deep off Edwin Jackson in the first inning, with the ball coming down directly into the aquarium beyond the wall in right-center where the Devil Rays keep the actual devil rays. It’s the first ball ever hit into the fish tank. It came with Rafael Furcal on third, which was a good thing, because that allowed Furcal to jog home. That left ankle is really bothering him, and he practically limped from home to third on his own single, another single by Pierre and a GIDP by Russell Martin. Loney followed Gonzo’s homer with a double, then Matt Kemp struck out, so the Dodgers already have left a man in scoring position. Dodgers 2, Devil Rays 0, middle 1

By the way, here’s the lineup. Nomar is feeling much better, but Grady gave him another day

SS Furcal
CF Pierre
DH Martin
LF Gonzo
1B Loney
RF Kemp
3B Betemit
C Lieberthal
2B Abreu

LH Kuo

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