Much to the chagrin of Gavin Newsome, Aquafina wins again

Capping off a week in which San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome banned bottled water from being purchased for city offices with city funds (something about global warming), Aquafina outpaced Pepsi and Sierra Mist yet again in the fourth-inning beverage race here today. Immediately thereafter, Hong-Chih Kuo went back to the business of making everyone forget his disastrous outing on Wed. night in Toronto. He has retired 10 of 11 thus far, the only exception being a solo homer by Ty Wigginton on Kuo’s first pitch of the second inning. Dodgers keep shooting themselves in the foot offensively against winless ex-mate E-Jax, but if Kuo keeps this up, it won’t matter. Dodgers 2, D-Rays 1, bottom 4

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