The cure for what ails Edwin Jackson

E-Jax is finally going to get his first win big-league win since the Dodgers traded him to the D-Rays a year and a half ago. He was, as usual, quite hittable. But the Dodgers were, as usual, not in much of a hitting mood. Or at least not in much of a scoring mood. They got that two-run HR from Gonzo in the first inning and haven’t come close to scoring since. They have GIDP’s three times, plus run themselves out of another inning with a strikeout-caught stealing DP. They haven’t gotten a runner past first base since Gonzo doubled with two outs in the third and, naturally, was stranded. And the Dodgers, who fancy themselves contenders in the NL West, are going to lose two out of three to THE TAMPA BAY DEVIL RAYS. Last night, they were beaten by a homer from former Dodgers catcher Dioner Navarro, although they really were beaten by themselves — they stranded 15 baserunners, nine of them in scoring position. Today, they’re going to be beaten by E-Jax, whose six previous big-league wins all came for the Dodgers from 2003-05. He entered this one with an 0-8 record and 7.85 ERA for 2007. Nice trip so far. D-Rays 4, Dodgers 2, bottom 7

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