Bye-bye billionaire

Matt White, who came to be known in spring training as the Billionaire for the nationwide fame he received when news outlets everywhere began to pick up the story of the billion dollars’ worth of rock that was sitting underneath the piece of real estate he bought from a relative in Massachusetts, has been granted his release. White is expected to sign with a Japanese club, although we aren’t quite sure which one, in the coming days. Nice guy, and I hope he does well over there. … Brad Penny dodged a couple of bullets early, but he just gave up two two-out hits, including a double by Chris Young, to put the Snakes on top. The Dodgers haven’t done much against Micah Owings. They had runners on first and second with none out in the third after Owings hit Penny, who was trying to sacrifice, but the slumping (and not entirely healthy) Rafael Furcal GIDP’s, and Juan Pierre grounded out. D-backs 1, Dodgers 0, bottom 4

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