Nomar to 3B starting Friday

Nomar Garciaparra is moving from first to third base to make room for James Loney. The move is in response not only to the fact Loney is hitting well enough to play every day, but also to the fact neither Wilson Betemit nor Tony Abreu has hit well enough to nail down the everyday third base job. Grady approached Nomar about the switch yesterday, and, according to both Grady and Nomar, Nomar immediately agreed. Grady said Nomar might still occasionally see some action at 1B, but he was VERY committed to Nomar becoming the primary 3B. Nomar will take grounders at third before all four games of the Arizona series, then probably start there for the first time on Friday night against San Diego. He last played 3B during his season and a half with the Chicago Cubs (2004-05). This time, he has five days to make the transition. That time, he had one day — the day he was traded to the Cubs by Boston, with whom he had always played shortstop.

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