Diamondbacks 2, Dodgers 0

Nomar is going to sit tomorrow. Grady told us after the game, right after he told Nomar. This guy is really struggling. Those last two at-bats, he struck out on a total of six pitches. This was a game that could loom large later in the season, especially if these two teams end up battling it out to the end, probably along with the Pods. The Dodgers went 0 for 12 w/RISP, left 13 men on base and lost by two runs. If you were ever going to beat Brandon Webb, this was the night. He gave up seven hits and walked five batters in seven innings, and the Dodgers couldn’t score off him. And don’t forget, they also stranded 15 runners on Saturday night at the Trop and lost by one run to the D-Rays. Wow. Two losses that could have been reversed with a well-timed hit here or there. … Dodgers fall to 44-34 and back into third place, a half-game behind the Pods and D-backs.

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