This weekend at Dodger Stadium, enter at your own risk

Watch out for flying beer bottles. And bags of baseballs. And airborne bats. Yes, it’s true, Milton Bradley is back. Or at least he will be on Sunday. The volatile one has been traded to San Diego from Oakland, giving him a second go-round with former Dodgers GM Paul DePodesta (because it was sooooo successful the first time), who now is a special assistant in the Pods’ front office. I’m told he won’t arrive until Sunday’s series finale, but that will at least give Dodgers fans one game to, ummmmmmm, welcome him back with open arms (that is, when they aren’t ducking beer bottles). Funny how that oblique injury he used to avoid being traded to Kansas City has healed so miraculously. The shame of it is, the Padres have had such a good thing going for the past couple of years, winning division titles with a closeknit clubhouse with very few major distractions. Well, that much is about to change, as Milton embarks on his 2,332nd fresh start (actually, it’s his third fresh start — in the past four seasons). But hey, maybe this time, it’ll really work. And maybe by next week, I’ll be dating Jessica Biel. What a world.

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