Table setters

The Dodgers finally got a perfect example, maybe the first one all year, of what it was supposed to mean to have Rafael Furcal and Juan Pierre at the top of their lineup. With two outs in the third, Furcal singled to drive in the first run of the game, then stole second. Pierre singled to drive in Furcal, then stole second. Martin singled to drive in Pierre. The result: a big inning, sparked by the table setters. … I just looked it up. It just the second time this year that Furcal/Pierre singled back-to-back, stole second back-to-back and scored back-to-back. But the previous time came in a six-run inning on May 13 against the Reds, and neither one scored from second. Each one went to third on the next batter’s hit (Furcal on Pierre’s) and later were driven in by someone else. Kemp just homered in the fourth. Dodgers 4, Padres 0, bottom 4

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