Cousin Oliver, 30 years later

The Dodgers will pass the 175 million mark in all-time franchise home attendance tonight. The actual 175 millionth fan will be selected to do some on-field stuff before the game. That immediately reminded me of Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch, who was convinced he was bad luck to the rest of the family until they took him to Universal Studios and Oliver, the last of the Bradys to pass through the turnstile, became the 1 millionth visitor in the history of Universal and thus the family got a whole bunch of prizes and stuff. … Anyway, here’s tonight’s lineup:

SS Furcal
CF Pierre
1B Loney
2B Kent
LF Gonzo
RF Kemp
3B Betemit
C Lieberthal — yes, Lieberthal
LH Wolf

To commemorate Lieberthal’s first start behind the plate since June 24, teammates Luis Gonzalez and Olmedo Saenz had about two dozen balloons, two of which had “congratulations” printed on them, delivered to Lieberthal’s locker. The balloons were waiting there when Lieberthal arrived at the park today.

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