Growing pains

Matt Kemp, who for all his talent is not quite a finished product, just took a horrendous at-bat that sucked the life out of a potential big inning for the Dodgers. Peter Moylan had just come on for the Braves and immediately walkd Nomar on four pitches to load the bases with none out. So, with Moylan clearly struggling to throw strikes, what did Kemp do? Why, swing at the first pitch, of course. Not only did he swing at it, he rolled it to short for an easy GIDP. A run scored on the play, but that was all the Dodgers got in the inning, and Chin-hui Tsao gave it back by throwing a gopher ball to Andruw Jones the very next inning. Of course, the blame can’t all be placed on Kemp. Going back to the sixth inning, the Dodgers trailed just 2-1, when Grady saw fit to bring in … yes, Brett Tomko. And you know what happens when Grady brings in Brett Tomko. He faced five batters, with four of them reaching. He gave up two runs, three hits and a walk. And, of course, he didn’t make it through the inning. You have to wonder, especially with a couple of pitchers on the DL who are eventually going to come off the DL, whether this guy is going to end up DFA’d. Right now, he is bringing NOTHING to this team. Braves 5, Dodgers 2, middle 7

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