No news is bad news

That roster move so many of you have been pining for hasn’t happened yet. Not to say it won’t happen today, because it might. But my guess is it won’t, and that stems from the whole Jason Schmidt thing. While I disagree with that reasoning, I can understand it. The fact is, there is at least the perception, for now anyway, that the Dodgers blew more than $15 million on Schmidt, or at least that’s what I keep reading because that is what his salary would be for this year if you averaged out his three-year, $47M contract. Well, the fact is, they only wasted $12.5M on Schmidt because that is his salary for this year (the contract is heavily backloaded), and the other fact is, if this guy comes back from surgery and pitches well for the Dodgers the next two years, that still could turn out to be a good sign. But because of this faulty perception — and I have heard hints and whispers that owner Frank McCourt SHARES this faulty perception — that Schmidt is already a bust, there is a hesitance to “waste” any more money, such as the approx. $3M the Dodgers would have to eat were they to release everyone’s favorite whipping boy right now (that includes the approx. $2M left on his ’07 salary and the $1M buyout on his $1M mutual option for next year). So don’t hold your breath, because I don’t think this move is forthcoming. Then again, they could announce it in the next hour, for all I know. You know how I am at predicting stuff.

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