Tonight’s lineup: Kent was out, but now he’s in

Tony Abreu was starting at second base, but he, in the words of Grady, “isn’t feeling good.” Grady said he didn’t know if that meant illness or injury. Ethier is in right field while Kemp sits against Sergio Mitre.

SS Furcal
CF Pierre
C Martin
2B Kent
LF Gonzo
3B Nomar
1B Loney
RF Ethier
RH Lowe

Hendrickson appears to be the leading candidate to pitch tomorrow on short rest because he only went five innings and 77 pitches on Thursday. If D-Lowe goes long tonight, that would save the pen for tomorrow, so even if Hendrickson goes short, the game would be covered. The All-Star break officially begins with the final out of tomorrow’s game, so that’s like hitting the reset button on the pitching staff. All in all, it’s not as bad as it might seem — that is, IF, D-Lowe gives them innings tonight.

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