Dodgers 9, Marlins 3

Kemp is day to day with a mild strain of his right hamstring. The guess here is he’ll be back by Friday night, but we’ll see. Ethier had a good day coming in behind Kejmp, going 2 for 3 with a walk and a three-run homer that put the game on ice in the second inning. Russell Martin had a GREAT day, going 3 for 4 with a walk and a two-run homer. Stults and Tsao combined to hold the Fish to a run on three hits over the final four innings. Dodgers finish the first half 49-40, which is better than last year’s 46-42. Have to wait for the night game between the Braves and Pods to see if the boys go into the break one or two games out of first place. But the good news is that the D-back finally appear to be dropping off, leaving this a two-team race for now. But the bad news is that even if the Snakes don’t slither back into the race, the Rockies might. They are playing WELL, and the Dodgers still have 13 head-to-head games (six home, seven away) with them in the second half, compared to nine with the D-backs (six-three) and six with the Pods (three-three). I’m off to the Midsummer Classic this evening. I’ll touch base from there tomorrow.

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