One more example of organizational stupidity

I just learned of something that took place LONG after last night’s game that illustrates yet again everything that is wrong with Dodger Stadium and the people who run it. You have seen me complain on this blog before about the ballpark elevators, and the ridiculous policies with which they are run that allow the players priority over every other form of humanity that attempts to ride them. Well, this, in my opinion, is the all-timer (and NO, it does NOT involve me, so it isn’t me whining on my own behalf). Last night, well after the last paying customer had left the building, a handful of beat writers (both Florida and Los Angeles) packed up their laptops and prepared to leave at the end of a long day. So they walk out the back of the press box to the elevators and push the button. While they are waiting, a Marlins player walks up with his family (not sure what they were doing on Level 5, as the players enter/exit the park on Level 8 and the clubhouses are on Level 1, but whatever). So when the doors open, the player gets on with his family. The reporters — who, just like the player, are doing nothing more than leaving work at the end of the day — then attempt to board behind the player and his family. No dice. The elevator operator informs them that they are not allowed to board with the player and his family. The door closes, and the writers wait some more. The moral of this story: Obviously, the geniuses who run Dodger Stadium do not believe major-league ballplayers should have to breathe the same oxygen as the great unwashed (ie., you and me). If an incident like this isn’t an embarrassment to the organization, then frankly, that says a LOT about the organization

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