Tomorrow’s lineups … and other first-day observations

CF Ichiro
SS Jeter
1B Ortiz
3B A-Rod
RF Vlad
LF Ordonez
C Pudge
2B Polanco
RH Haren

SS Reyes
LF Bonds
CF Beltran
RF Junior
3B Wright
1B Fielder
C Martin
2B Utley
RH Peavy

Congrats to Vladdy for winning the HR Derby, but that event is just excruciating to watch. WAY too many commercial breaks, WAY too long and WAY too much Chris Berman. … At the media session, where they put players from the same time at adjacent tables, I couldn’t help noticing that Russell Martin wore a nice jacket over a dress shirt that had sleeves long enough to extend past the jacket sleeves and reveal cufflinks. For a guy who had never been to one of these before, it was a veteran move that had to make a good impression on a national media contingent, much of which had never met or seen him before. Brad Penny, on the other hand, seated at the table next to Russ, wore … a backward baseball cap. Niiiiiice. … The press box TVs, which are muted because people are still working, are showing ESPN’s The Bronx is Burning. I’m wondering if they’re going to replay the episode throughout the week. From what I can tell, watching the silent pictures, it looks really well done. John Turturro is almost a dead ringer for Billy Martin. … Another good thing about West Coast All-Star Games: the workday ends early enough for a night out. Don’t have to be anywhere until 11 tomorrow, when there is a national meeting of the BBWAA that Bud Selig will speak at. … Oh, one more addendum to my rant from yesterday about the incident with the elevator, the Marlins player and his family and the handful of media members who were told, in so many words, that they weren’t worthy of being on an elevator with a Marlins player and his family and thus had to wait for the next one. One of the Florida writers who were there was on my flight up here last night. While sitting in the gate area at LAX, he told me his version of the story. Turns out that when the elevator stopped and picked up the player and his family, there was a stadium employee ALREADY ON THE ELEVATOR after boarding on a different floor. Security then told him HE HAD TO GET OFF THE ELEVATOR because the player was getting on. The more details of this story that come to light, the more ridiculous the Dodgers look. Unbelievable.

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