Finally made it

Deciding not to wait for the media shuttle that didn’t seem like it was ever coming — and having been warned by the very friendly, very helpful media-shuttle coordinator that the buses were taking about 35 minutes to get over here anyway with all the street closures — Carter Gaddis and I decided to walk to the park. Turned out to be the right decision. Took us exactly a half-hour to get here — and thank God for the invention of roller bags — and then it took us almost that long again just to get in because they were funneling the media through one metal detector when theere were two adjacent metal detectors that were being reserved for the two or three stadium employees that showed up every 10 minutes or so. But that’s another story. … Selig addressed the annual summer meeting of the BBWAA this morning, saying he hadn’t decided whether he would attend Barry Bonds’ record-breaking game. Selig made that statement at approx. 11:15 a.m. At 11:56 a.m., a report was posted on — a report that didn’t cite any sources — claiming that Selig had decided to attend. An MLB official later said to ignore that report because it was inaccurate. … Selig also said he plans in the next few weeks to name the next two or three All-Star Game sites, meaning 2010, 2011 and maybe 2012 because 2008 (Yankee Stadium) and 2009 (Busch Stadium) have already been awarded. The Angels and Dodgers are both bidding for one of those, but the Angels probably have a better shot because their stadium has been renovated in the past decade, while Dodger Stadium, picturesque though it is, is probably inadequate in its present form to host an event of this magnitude. Last All-Star Game held there was in 1980. Frank McCourt has a lot of plans to upgrade the facility in the coming years, so there IS hope. Of course, they might want to add a few more elevators (OK, that’s it, I promise, no more harping on that). … The N.L. squad is taking BP right now, in their hideous black BP jerseys, soon to be followed by the A.L. in their hideous orange BP jerseys. Thankfully, each player will don his own club’s jersey for the actual game, as always. But I’m sure these awful orange and black monstrosities will show up on the bodies of fans at ballparks all around the majors the rest of this season. … Two and a half hours to game time.

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