Dodgers 9, Giants 1

Martin appears to be fine after getting whacked on the left forearm by that pitch from Pat Misch in the seventh inning, but Grady says they’ll re-examine him tomorrow morning before deciding whether to play him or not. Russ said it hit muscle and flesh instead of bone, and he DID play another two innings and got a key double in that six-run ninth before giving way to Lieberthal in the bottom of the inning. … They juggled the rotation yet again before the game because Penny’s blister continues to be an issue. For now, he is slated to pitch on Monday, not today as originally planned. Blisters have a tendency to seem like nothing major when they first occur, but to then linger and keep recurring over time until they cause a pitcher to miss starts or even leave starts early, and then you have a big problem. But we’ll see how it goes. … Dodgers have now won nine in a row in this park, dating to last August, and the visiting team has won all seven games between the Dodgers and the Jints this year. And the six-run ninth inning by the Dodgers was their fifth six-run inning this season. They haven’t scored more than six in an inning this year. … Dodgers go to 50-40 and pull even with the Pods. See ya bright and early for the 12:55 Fox game.

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