A mindblowing stat

Barry Bonds GIDP’d on the first pitch with runners on the corners and one out in the first. It was his third GIDP of this series already. But we have since learned, by reading dodgerthoughts.com (which cited baseball-reference.com) and through confirming it with the Giants PR staff, that last night was the first time since July 4, 1991 that his Barry-ness GIDP’s twice in the same game. Sixteen years. Unbelievable. … There is a guy sitting not too far in front of the press box wearing a bright orange T-shirt, and on the back is a cartoon drawing of Osama bin Laden wearing a turban with the Dodgers cap logo on it. The shirt reads, “bin Laden is a Dodger fan.” … Not much action so far. His Barry-ness just struck out, letting Wilson Betemit off the hook after Betemit failed to catch a very catchable foul pop on a 3-2 pitch. … Dodgers 0, Giants 0, bottom 4

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