Tonight’s lineup, and some other stuff

Gonzo is sitting so Kemp and Ethier can play together — and also because Gonzo is 0 for 13 against Jamie Moyer. Even though Grady doesn’t seem to put that much importance on batter-pitcher matchups, that one is tough to ignore. Gonzo also went 2-12 in San Fran and thus could probably use a day off — and the Dodgers could definitely use a night of Ethier, who went 6-10 in SF and is hitting .295 overall, and Kemp, who was 5-8 and hitting .380 overall, in the lineup at the same time. Nomar, who went 1-10 in SF, is in the lineup. Betemit, who went 4-6 with a double and a HR in the one game he started in SF, is not.

SS Furcal
CF Pierre
C Martin
2B Kent
1B Loney
3B Nomar
LF Ethier
RF Kemp
RH Penny

Also, Wolf played catch again, but said he still has no timetable for getting on a mound. Grady still won’t say Wolf will need a rehab, but it would be tough to put him back into the rotation without at least one rehab start because of the risk of him aggravating the injury and then being lost for another two weeks. He has a mild setback in a rehab start, you just back him off and maybe it doesn’t take two weeks to get him back because you haven’t activated him and he hasn’t appeared in a major league game. Just my two cents’ worth, which is about ALL it is worth. Speaking of worth, Jayson Werth is on the Phillies’ DL and apparently not on the trip because no one I have asked has seen him. More bad luck for one of the all-time good guys.

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