Hernandez up, Abreu down

In desperate need of a 12th pitcher, the Dodgers purchased the contract of veteran reliever Roberto Hernandez this morning. To make room, they optioned Tony Abreu to Las Vegas, where he’ll play mostly 2B, even though Grady said he’ll move around some. This gives the 51s an infield that looks similar to what the Dodgers will sport sometime in the next year or two, with Abreu at second, Hu at short and LaRoche at third. Hernandez will be a middle-innings guy, but at least for now probably can’t be counted on for more than an inning. … I can’t remember today’s lineup off the top of my head after looking at it on the board downstairs (guess I should have written it down), and the sheet they pass out in the press box hasn’t arrived yet, but what I remember is that Kent and Nomar are sitting and Grady went heavily left-handed against Kyle Kendrick, the Phillies’ rookie who is holding right-handed batters to a .208 average while lefties are hitting .333 (24-72) against him.

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