Penny settling in, but is it too late?

He walked the leadoff man in the second, and it wound up costing him a two-run inning. He got two quick outs in the third, but Carlos Beltran got him for a two-out single, and David Wright followed with a homer to right-center. Mets haven’t had a hit since, and the Dodgers got a run back in the third when Penny doubled and scored on Juan Pierre’s single, extending Pierre’s hitting streak to 14 games. But Jorge Sosa is pitching WELL for the Mets, even better than Oliver Perez last night. … By the way, another thing I never got into the paper last night was that Mets Jose Valentin, who spent a season with the Dodgers two years ago (most of it on the DL), broke his right tibia when he fouled a ball off his leg last night. … Mets 4, Dodgers 1, bottom 4

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