High-efficiency performance

His last time out, Chad Billingsley threw a career-high 113 pitches in five innings. Tonight, he has thrown 43 through four innings, and he has given up just two hits without allowing the Astros to get close to scoring. Dodgers have scored a couple of manufactured runs with some good situational hitting and with the help of Astros pitcher Chris Sampson, who threw a wild pitch that allowed Jeff Kent to score from third in the fourth. He also deflected a comebacker from Rafael Furcal in the fifth, leaving neither Sampson nor his teammates any chance of getting Furcal at first, and that hit started a rally that culminated in a tow-run single by Gonzo. Russell Martin is 0 for 3 and now is 3 for 27 since sitting out last Tuesday night’s game. Dodgers 4, Astros 0, middle 5

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