Lineup already out

Second verse, same as the first

SS Furcal — 6gm hit streak (11-29), 11-27 vs. Jason Jennings
CF Pierre
C Martin — 4-28 since sitting out last Tues., but 7-17 vs. Jason Jennings
2B Kent –7gm hit streak and 34gm on-base streak, longest in majors ’07
LF Gonzo — 7-36 vs. Jason Jennings
3B Nomar — 6gm hit streak (11-25)
1B Loney — 6gm hit streak (8-25)
RF Ethier — 2-11 vs. Jennings
LH Hendrickson

Had lunch with Dylan Hernandez and Diamond Leung at Ninfa’s, a really good Tex-Mex chain down here that I recommend if you’re in the area. We ate at the one in the Galleria food court. I ordered the Texas combo off the lunch menu, only $9.49, and it was way more than I could eat. … By the way, thanks to Scott Andrews of Baton Rouge, La., (and, like me, a native Arkansan), a Dodgers fan who took the time to stop by the press box yesterday to say hello. It’s nice to be reminded once in a while that there are real people out there actually reading what I write, and his great compliments about my coverage of the team made my day. Thanks again, Scott, and I hope you make it to Dodger Stadium one day soon.

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