D-Lowe hurt

He apparently hurt himself when he had to accelerate — something he wouldn’t have had to do if he had run hard out of the box — trying to avoid getting thrown out at first on what should have been a gimme single to right — something he wasn’t able to avoid. Not only did he suffer that colossal embarrassment, but he also had to leave the game after throwing four pitches in the bottom of the inning. He responded when he got to the dugout by heaving his glove against a wall in disgust, right in front of a TV camera with the red light on. Dodgers have run themselves into two outs tonight, including Kent getting thrown out at second trying to stretch a single in the second inning. If Lowe misses significant time, it could force the front office’s hand before next week’s trading deadline. Now, the Dodgers might have to give up a couple of their top prospects to get another starting pitcher. Well, the evening is certainly going well for the boys so far. … Astros 1, Dodgers 0, bottom 5

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