Kent goes yard

He actually might have gone city block if the roof had been open. Well, not really, because the ball hit a beam supporting the light standard in left field. But he sure gave it quite a ride, to the point that Carlos Lee didn’t even turn around to watch it. Nice greeting for Stros reliever Chad Qualls, who had just come into the game and was facing his first batter. … By the way, since the last time we were here, way back in April of ’06, they have turned the foul poles into gigantic Chick-fil-A ads, with a picture of a cow’s head, clad in an Astros cap, with the words “Eat More Fowl” going vertically down each pole. Get it? Fowl. Hahahahahahahahaha. Real knee slapper there. The letters (and the cow’s head) all extend into fair territory, though, so at least there is no confusion on the part of the umpires if they have to make fair/foul — or, excuse me, fair/fowl — calls. … Betemit just grounded into a force play that was almost a GIDP. Loney then GIDP’d to end the inning. Betemit is 0 for 3 and hasn’t hit a ball out of the infield — and Grady says he is leaning toward starting him at 2B tomorrow night. … Seventh-inning stretch, time for them to play Deep in the Heart of Texas while the girls in the pink shirts, black shorts and black cowboy hats line dance on top of the dugout. … Dodgers 1, Astros 1, middle 7

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