Another streak broken

My last consecutive-games streak was 448 games. This one was two games. A combination of a splitting, nauseating headache (gone now, thanks to Excedrin for Migraines), the usual deafening sound system of Dodger Stadium, a crowded press box where one too many people were squeezed into the area where I usually sit and a bad case of claustrophobia, I opted to take all the Grady and Ned quotes I had and, about 10 minutes before first pitch, head for the hacienda. Rich Hammond was covering the game anyway, and I was only doing the trade story, so it all worked out. … By the way, Proctor will join the team tomorrow. They called up Delwyn Young to take Betemit’s spot, and a pitcher will be sent down tomorrow to clear a roster spot for Proctor. … That’s it for tonight, at least from me. Hasta manana.