More rain in the forecast

It’s been a pretty nice day here, but the forecast calls for another big storm to come through later this afternoon. If that happens, I don’t think they would have any other choice but to play a doubleheader tomorrow. It was coming down in sheets yesterday, and frankly, I’m not sure why they waited until 8 o’clock local time to call the game. … There is some band playing on the field right now, I guess just a warmup, because there is nobody in the park 3 1/2 hours before game time. Other than that, not much news so far.

Game is off

First rainout of the year. It’ll be made up sometime on the Dodgers visit here in September, probably on the 17th when both teams are off, but no date has been set yet. Tomko and Billingsley were pushed back a day, which might push Hendrickson, who has been the scheduled Sunday starter, out of the rotation. Rockies are skipping Fogg, who would have been tonight’s starter, and staying with their scheduled Sat (Jeff Francis) and Sun (Ubaldo Jimenez) starters. D-backs are pounding the Braves, so will probably move within a game of first, and Pods are pounding the ‘Stros, so probably will move within 1 1/2. See ya tomorrow

And so, we wait

The tarp is still on the field, 44 minutes after the game was to begin. It has been raining like crazy all afternoon, and we’re supposed to get an update at 8:15 local time (7:15 California time). Too early to make a call at this point. It’s still raining, but this field has a GREAT drainage system. It’s a thing to behold if you ever get a chance to watch it work. … D-Lowe’s injury is to his hip, not his groin, and it looks like he might get pushed back a day or two in the rotation, but the injury isn’t serious. He’ll try to throw off a mound tomorrow. Meanwhile, it’s fairly apparent that Wolf is going to need at last one more rehab start. … More when I know more.

Tonight’s lineup: Lieberthal is catching, Loney batting third

Loney moves into the three hole, with Gonzo dropping to fifth. Could have something to do with the fact Gonzo is a career 1 for 16 against Josh Fogg, although that to me would seem like more of a reason to play Ethier and Kemp in the same game.

SS Furcal
CF Pierre
1B Loney
2B Kent — 7-11, 2 HR, 4 RBI on trip
LF Gonzo
3B Nomar
RF Ethier
C Lieberthal
RH Tomko

By the way, Jorge Martin of the Dodgers PR staff, who is in charge of editing and putting together that Dodgers Magazine that they sell at the stadium and apparently has WAY too much time on his hands, ran the numbers and came up with this stat: 488 consecutive regular season games attended by yours truly until last night, when my favorite airline had a rare hiccup that resulted in me getting to town too late to get to the game. The streak went from 7/11/04 vs. the Cardinals to 7/25/07 at the Astros.

Rocky Mountain High

Greetings from the greatest city on Earth. There. I said it. With apologies to the Big Apple, La-la Land, the City by the Bay, and the towns of Chi and Bean, noplace beats the Mile High City, and I wish I had appreciated it more during the five years that I lived here (1995-2000), when I spent way too much time complaining about all the snow (I pretty much hate snow). While this wasn’t home for me, of all the places I have lived, it was the one place where I felt the most AT home. A LARGE percentage of the population here (at least two-thirds) moved here from some other part of the country, with a lot of them from the South like me. At one time, and this might still be true, it had the highest per capita percentage of college grads of any city in America. And then, there is this other thing … there are three women who I will always consider the loves of my life. Two of them, I dated while living here, and while I am no longer in contact with either one, I often think of them when I am in town. I hope they are doing well, and I’m sure they went farther in life than they ever could have if they had stayed with me. My daughter, who is 16, can’t stand it here, but I think that’s just an example of familiarity breeding contempt, as she has lived in Colorado continuously since she was four months old. She can’t wait to graduate high school, at which point she plans to go to college out of state and never return. One day, though, she’ll look back and appreciate this place for what it is. Seven years after leaving for Cincinnati and my first real beat job, I know I do. … Oh, one other personal note, and then I promise I’ll keep it baseball-related the rest of the night. Congrats to my cousin, Joe Wilson, who is getting married this weekend to a fellow U.S. Marine named Emily (I am embarrassed to say I never got her last name) in her hometown of Thackerville, Okla. Sorry I can’t be there for the nuptials, but I wish them both the best — and I also thank them both, from the bottom of my heart, for their service to country.

Yes, I’m still alive …

… but no, I’m not at the game. Had airline problems getting here today, so we hired a guy named Paul Willis, whom I used to work with at the Rocky Mountain News back in the late ’90s, to cover the game for us tonight. I’ll be back at it tomorrow. The news on D-Lowe was no news at all, with the MRI results not known yet, apparently. And Randy Wolf was with the club, but no decision has been made yet on whether he’ll need a second rehab start. I have the game on in my hotel room. Dodgers are leading 5-3, bottom 7, but it is starting to smell like a game that might get away. Meanwhile, I’m going to relax the rest of the evening. See you tomorrow.

My bad again — and my apologies to D-Lowe

Turns out he was NOT loafing it up the line on that 9-3 groundout. He was running as hard as he could run — on the left groin he had injured warming up for his relief appearance on Sunday against the Mets. Yet another example of the fallout of this team’s overworked bullpen. He’ll have an MRI tomorrow morning in Denver, after which more will be known about his condition. He says it only hurts when he lands while pitching. Meanwhile, the Dodgers have lost six of eight since winning their first four out of the break, and this would be a devastating loss if D-Lowe is out for a long period. We’ll see. Good night.

Astros 2, Dodgers 1

We never did get an in-game medical report on D-Lowe, but it’s the first thing that will be asked after the game. Dodgers drop two of three to a team that was 14 games under .500 coming into this series and miss a golden opportunity to gain ground on the Pods, who remain a game back in the NL West. Dodgers fall to 56-46.

Carlos Lee goes yard

The game stayed tied for about 7.5 seconds. As soon as the line dance ended, D.J. Houlton started Carlos Lee 2-0, and Lee put the next one on the railroad tracks. The guess here is this one is over. The way the Dodgers are hitting tonight, one run is about all they’re going to be able to muster. … After the home run, Grady pulled a double switch, bringing in Joe Beimel and Nomar at 3B. Betemit was taken out of the game. Now why would you want to take Wilson Betemit out of the game? … Astros 2, Dodgers 1, bottom 7

Kent goes yard

He actually might have gone city block if the roof had been open. Well, not really, because the ball hit a beam supporting the light standard in left field. But he sure gave it quite a ride, to the point that Carlos Lee didn’t even turn around to watch it. Nice greeting for Stros reliever Chad Qualls, who had just come into the game and was facing his first batter. … By the way, since the last time we were here, way back in April of ’06, they have turned the foul poles into gigantic Chick-fil-A ads, with a picture of a cow’s head, clad in an Astros cap, with the words “Eat More Fowl” going vertically down each pole. Get it? Fowl. Hahahahahahahahaha. Real knee slapper there. The letters (and the cow’s head) all extend into fair territory, though, so at least there is no confusion on the part of the umpires if they have to make fair/foul — or, excuse me, fair/fowl — calls. … Betemit just grounded into a force play that was almost a GIDP. Loney then GIDP’d to end the inning. Betemit is 0 for 3 and hasn’t hit a ball out of the infield — and Grady says he is leaning toward starting him at 2B tomorrow night. … Seventh-inning stretch, time for them to play Deep in the Heart of Texas while the girls in the pink shirts, black shorts and black cowboy hats line dance on top of the dugout. … Dodgers 1, Astros 1, middle 7