Dodgers are about to get hot

Just checked the forecast for the upcoming road trip, which a colleague of mine who used to be on the beat with me used to refer to as the annual “Humidity Tour.” It’s going to reach triple digits on Wed and Thurs in Cincinnati and on Friday in St. Louis. The forecast I checked didn’t go past Friday. Triple digits in the Midwest is a little different from triple digits in, say, Phoenix, which is very dry. Triple digits in the Midwest means humidity, sweat and extreme discomfort. My mom, brother and brother’s girlfriend are driving up from NW Arkansas for the St. Louis series, and I’m looking forward to seeing them, but my mom isn’t real big on hot weather. Sure hope the AC works at the Casino Queen. This should be a very interesting week, to say the least. … Just got to the park. Doesn’t appear to be any notable news as of yet. Heading downstairs now.

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