Are you kidding me?

The boys just wasted a leadoff double by Andre Ethier, who never advanced. and they are now 1 for 21 with RISP over their past four games. THAT’S ONE HIT IN 21 ABs. Unbelievable. And they wonder why their season is circling the drain. … Not sure what happened on that play in the second inning, but with a runner on second and one out, Mark Reynolds hit a grounder to Loney’s right. Loney snared it, turned and threw to Penny covering. But for some reason known only to Brad Penny, he froze about a foot from the bag while waiting for the throw. By the time he had the ball in his glove, Reynolds had crossed safely, and Penny was still off the bag. Cost himself a two-run inning instead of a one-run inning. But the way the Dodgers are hitting right now — and considering the fact they’re facing Brandon Webb — that one run probably would have been enough, anyway. Dodgers are about to be swept in a series where they really couldn’t afford to lose two of three. Too late to avoid that, though. Diamondbacks 2, Dodgers 0, top 4

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