Today’s lineup — Kent out for some reason

Not sure why, but I’ll find out when I get downstairs. Probably because he is 2 for 13 against Braden Looper. Loney still third, Pierre still seventh.

SS Furcal
C Martin
1B Loney
LF Gonzo
3B Nomar
RF Ethier
CF Pierre
2B Martinez
RH Lowe

So late last night (early this morning, actually), I was in the Key West Cafe at the Union Station mall with my mom, my brother and my brother’s girlfriend, and there was eclectic mix of songs emanating loudly from the juke box. Seated alone at a table in the corner was a slightly built African-American man who bore a striking resemblance to the late Arthur Ashe, and he was drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, and he was LOUDLY singing along with every one of these songs, no matter what genre of music each one happened to fall into. He even sang along to Walk the Line, by Johnny Cash, at the end of which he bellowed out, “Yeeeeeee-hawwwww!!!” But the piece de resistance was when he sang along with Shania Twain’s Man! I Feel Like a Woman. And every time it would come to the title line, he would shout as loudly as he could, “I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN” The things you see in St. Louis in the wee hours of a Friday night/Saturday morning.

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