Dodgers won’t sign Blair

The club couldn’t reach an agreement with fifth-rounder Kyle Blair, the right-hander who now will go to the University of San Diego. It is believed that the final proposal from Blair and his representatives was a $1.1 million signing bonus, which is well above slot for a fifth-rounder, but Blair was considered a legitimate first-rounder who fell in the draft because of perceived signability issues (he initially let it be known he was seeking $1.5 million. But the Dodgers ultimately decided that was more money than they were willing to commit. “We were unable to come to terms,” Dodgers assistant general manager Logan White said. “We wish Kyle Blair the best and know he is going to have a good career. He just weren’t able to get it done. He is a good kid. I talked to Kyle today, and there is disappointment all around that we weren’t able to get it done. But there certainly is a positive feeling toward Kyle, and I think he feels the same way towards us. I think everybody made as much effort as they could, but it was just a no-go.”

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