So far so good

The short rest didn’t affect Penny in the first inning. After a leadoff walk to Kaz Matsui, he set down the next three in order to get out of the inning. … Just checked the weather for the trip, looks like rain every single day in both cities. High of 68 tomorrow in Philly, and I don’t get there until after 11, by which time it might be really chilly. But who’s complaining, especially after what we have been through the past couple of weeks with all this humidity? I just hope there aren’t a bunch of postponements and/or doubleheaders. I especially hope there isn’t a return trip to either Philly or New York for a makeup game later on. … Rockies are wearing their third different jersey in this three-game series. Today it’s the black sleeveless ones with the black shirt underneath. Come on. Remember when every team had one home jersey and one for the road? Remember when no team wore these ridiculous pajama tops? Oh, wait, the Dodgers are still like that. … Furcal just led off with a double. … Rockies 0, Dodgers 0, bottom 1

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