Give me liberty or give me death, but PLEASE no day-night doubleheaders

It has been raining ALL day long (although it just stopped), and it is supposed to continue doing so throughout the three days we are here. Rumor has it that a rainout will result in a day-night doubleheader, not a traditional twinbill like the one the Dodgers played after they got rained out once here last year. We already have one of those on the docket, for Sept. 18 in Denver, and we sure don’t need another one. … Woke up this morning (OK, it wasn’t this morning, it was 12:30, but if you saw my previous post, I had a good excuse) and looked out my 20th-floor window at the Penn campus below, and I had to wonder: Does this make me an Ivy Leaguer? At least for the next three days? Probably not. … No news so far, no roster moves, no trades, no nothing. But stay tuned.

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