Phillies 5, Dodgers 4

Dodgers never got a hit after Loney’s leadoff homer in the seventh cut it to 5-4, and they never got a man on base after Furcal walked with two outs in that same inning. But this rotation is a mess, and it’s tough to imagine Tomko going back out there with this team in the middle of a playoff race. McDonald lost tonight at Jacksonville, but he went five innings and struck out seven batters, and all three of the runs he gave up came in the first inning. Seems like as good a time as any to give the kid a shot, even if it means he pitches on Sunday night at Shea Stadium on national TV. Hey, everybody has to start somewhere, right? … Dodgers fall to 64-61, but they got lucky when the Mets rallied to beat the Pods, so the boys stay 2 1/2 back in the wild card. D-backs are playing now. Rockies are going to win, so they’ll be tied with the Dodgers for third place in the division.

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