Billingsley cruises but offense sputters

Fabio Castro has walked five guys in four innings, and the Dodgers haven’t scored. Kent GIDP’d with men on first and third and one out in the third, and Gonzo GIDP’d after Martin drew a one-out walk in the fourth. But the biggest hiccup by the offense came in the second, after Castro walked the bases loaded with two outs, then went to a 3-2 count on Billingsley. Billingsley, who should have duct taped the bat to his shoulder before the next pitch, instead swung and missed at a pitch that appeared to be at roughly the level of his neck. End of inning, end of threat. Other than that, though, Billingsley has been superb. He has allowed ust one baserunner, a leadoff single by Jayson Werth in the third inning. Most importantly, he is two batters into the fourth inning and has thrown just 37 pitches. Who are you and what have you done with Chad Billingsley? … Dodgers 0, Phillies 0, bottom 4

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