No Japanese opener

I learned earlier today that the Dodgers will NOT open the 2008 season in Japan. Not terribly surprising, given that the only lobbying they did for it was a casual comment that Frank McCourt happened to make to Bud Selig when the commish was visiting Dodger Stadium a few weeks ago. … Jack Cassel will be recalled from Triple-A Portland tomorrow and start for the Pods against David Wells. … Best wishes to Rai Henniger, a senior VP with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox of the Pacific Coast League, whom I remember from when I covered that team back in the mid-90s. Rai suffered multiple head injuries and lost an eye in an explosion when he was helping set up for an on-field fireworks display on May 12. He is now out of the hospital, and while my buddy Bob Stephens of the Colorado Springs Gazette reported earlier this week that Rai still faces a long road back that will include numerous surgeries, it’s good to know he’s going to recover. This was a very bad thing that happened to a very good guy, but it has turned into an inspirational story. I also read that Rai is hoping to return to work for the club, which is a great sign. … That’s it for today. Heading to San Diego in the morning. I’ll check in when I get there.

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