Game time updates

Fox has picked up the Sept. 15 game at AZ, so it’s now a 12:55 PDT start. Meanwhile, the Sept. 29 home game with the Giants will be at 7:10 p.m. No, that is NOT because Fox has given up on the Dodgers for that final weekend of the regular season. It’s because, according to a Dodgers spokesman, Fox had reached its limit on Dodgers broadcasts. … Billingsley is struggling through the first inning. A run already in on Dmitri Young’s RBI double, and Bills just hit Austin Kearns. Church up now, first and second and two outs. … Nationals 1, Dodgers 0, top 1

Much ado about, well, nothing much

The Dodgers held a big press conference at 2:30 to announce the next phase of stadium renovations, none of which they were willing to reveal yesterday (at least not to OUR paper). Frankly, the whole thing turned into a big yawner (I should admit that I wasn’t there, I’m just going by what is in the official release). What they’re going to do is renovate the concourses on the field level, doubling the number of concession stands and restrooms, and create additional clubs for those holding season tickets to the baseline seats. They also will improve walkways and signage, adding what they are calling “energy-efficient” equipment. Of course, none of this will mean ANYTHING to anyone who isn’t sitting on the field level.