Padres 7, Dodgers 0

David Wells opted to start serving his seven-game suspension tonight, so he’ll miss his Wednesday start at Chicago. Stults is expected to make that start, but he has to get called up from Vegas first. … As for the team, well, hey, it could be worse. When Brian Myrow stepped into the batter’s box to pinch hit for the Pods in the eighth inning, I suddenly remembered what it was like at the end of the ’05 season, when the Dodgers had guys like Myrow, Mike Edwards and Mike Rose on the club and were sputtering toward a 71-91 finish that ultimately cost manager Jim Tracy and GM Paul DePodesta their jobs. The Dodgers probably aren’t going to make the playoffs, and they have underachieved by almost any measure. But unless they just go in the tank — something they are too professional a team to do — they are going to finish with a winning record. If they simply go 12-15 the rest of the way, they’ll finish 82-80. Small consolation, I know. But before moving to Los Angeles and the Daily News, I covered the Cincinnati Reds for four years. Seasons like the Dodgers had in ’05? They were an annual occurrence in the Queen City. … Dodgers fall to 70-65 and five games behind the Pods and D-backs, which necessarily means they are five back in the wild card, too. Peavy against the Dodgers for his career now: 8-1, 2.28. … By the way, if you’re scoring at home, the 40-man moves to make room for Meloan, Hu and Moeller were that Wolf, Brazoban and Tsao all got moved to the 60-day DL.

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