LaRoche recalled, put in starting lineup

Sorry it took me so long to get that up. Most of you probably know it by now. Grady wouldn’t say that he’ll be the primary 3B the rest of the year, or until Nomar returns, but I think it’s pretty clear that he will be. The original plan was to call him up after Vegas’ season ends on Monday, but last night’s game sort of reiterated the need to get better at that position, so here he is. … Pods are wearing their camouflage jerseys today. Serving them well so far. Although Furcal and Pierre started the game with back-to-back singles off Justin Germano, after Kemp hit into a force at second, Kent GIDP’d to end the inning. Dodgers didn’t score. … Dodgers 0, Padres 0, middle 1

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