Padres 9, Dodgers 4

No place that I know of to look this up, but the Dodgers have to lead the league in innings in which they had the bases loaded with nobody out and failed to score. They feigned like they were going to get back into this game, as Kevin Cameron came on to start the eighth inning for the Pods and didn’t retire any of the four batters he faced. Jeff Kent chased him with a single to load them up after Loney singled in Furcal, who had snapped his hitless streak at 20 at-bats with a little nubber in front of the plate that no one could get to. Anyway, Joe Thatcher then got Olmedo Saenz to line out, and Heath Bell got Matt Kemp to strike out. Kemp, by the way, is now 0 for 6 for the season with the bases loaded. Andre Ethier then tried to dive into first base on a ball that skipped off the glove of Adrian Gonzalez but that Geoff Blum picked up in time. Mark Carlson called Ethier out at first, and the threat was over. … Adding insult to injury was the fact Brett Tomko finished it off for the Pods in the ninth — but not before giving up Chin-lung Hu’s first ML homer. … Dodgers fall to 75-69 and 3 1/2 back in the wild card. Turn out the lights.

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