Lowe out tonight

He got hit in the hand by a throw from Broxton during BP yesterday and has been scratched for tonight. Billingsley is pitching, with Wells going tomorrow. After that, it’s anybody’s guess. Penny is slated to go Friday, but Lowe could be slotted in there if he is ready. … Just had a big press conference to announce all the exciting plans for next year’s 50th anniversary of the move. The Dodgers are tentatively scheduled to open at home with the Giants (no date so far), which is perfect since the clubs moved West together in 1958. The Dodgers will commemmorate the ’50s in April, the ’60s in May, the ’70s in June, the ’80s in July, the ’90s (celebrate what, exactly?) in August and in September, they will have a reunion of Dodgers legends. Also, the Dodgers are getting a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood and will have a float in this year’s (or is it next year’s? anyway, it’s Jan. 1, 2008) Tournament of Roses Parade.