Playoff tickets

Starting today through Sept. 24, you can now “register for the opportunity,” according to today’s official game notes, to purchase tickets for any NLDS action at Dodger Stadium. To do so, go to, as THERE WILL BE NO TICKETS FOR SALE ON-SITE AT DODGER STADIUM, THROUGH TICKETMASTER OR VIA TELEPHONE.. Applicants must fill out and submit a registration form on to have the chance to purchase tickets. The rules of this thing are kind of complex and difficult for my feeble mind to comprehend or translate, so you might want to go to and read them for yourself. But you should also know that one in our midst asked Grady in his pregame session a few minutes ago how many more games he thinks the Dodgers will have to win to get into the playoffs, and he guessed 10. That’s out of the 13 games the Dodgers have left. So good luck.

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