Rockies 6, Dodgers 5

Another tough one for Broxton, but he was a standup guy afterward. This guy is going to have a long, successful career in the majors and eventually be a closer. For a 23-year-old to be going through what he is going through (five HR in his past nine IP, three of them game-winners) and come back after Hawpe’s shot tonight to dominate the next three batters, it says something about his makeup. He is an easy guy to root for. … Gonzo went 1 for 5 and needs one more hit for 2,500. … Kent had five PAs tonight. Three more and his option for next season vests. He could still retire, but this guy still really, really wants that ring he came so tantalizingly close to getting with the Giants in 2002, and the potential is there for this team to be pretty good next year. My guess is he’s coming back. My other guess is we won’t know for sure until sometime over the winter. … Dodgers fall to 79-73, and they now trail the Rockies by a game. Rockies are confident and playing well, Dodgers are, well, not. Looks like the boys are headed for a fourth-place finish. … Dodgers went 5 for 22 w/RISP tonight. This on a night when they had 41 total ABs. Twenty-two ABs with runners in scoring position, and they get five hits and five runs. Maybe this one wasn’t Broxton’s fault, after all.

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