Dodgers 6, Giants 5

What’s the only thing worse than a meaningless game in which both teams are simply playing out the string? When one of those games goes into superfluous cantos (that’s scribe slang for extra innings). Gonzo came up with what would have been a huge hit in Dodgers history if this game had actually had playoff implications, coming off the bench and shooting one up the left-centerfield gap to drive in LaRoche from second base with the winning run. Saito went two innings and got the win, giving him a 2-1 record, an outstanding 1.40 ERA and 39 saves in his second season with the Dodgers (I’m going to guess he won’t be called on tomorrow no matter what the situation). The Dodgers clinched a winning season, going to 82-79, and by winning tomorrow they would have as many wins as St. Louis had on its way to winning the World Series last year. Hey, you look for positives anywhere you can find them, right? … One more day, folks.

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