Rockies 10, Dodgers 4

The schedule makers must have envisioned another storied finish between longtime rivals the Dodgers and Giants when they pitted the two clubs against each other in this weekend’s season-ending three-game series. The joke is on them — and all of us who get to sit through it. But neither Barry Bonds nor Jeff Kent is expected to play, so maybe the two of them can hang out in the tunnel between the clubhouses and catch up with each other and reminisce about all the great times they had together during their years with the Giants (sarcasm). There is the whole Fan Appreciation thing, so that might be worth coming out for for Dodgers fans. Apparently there are going to be some good prizes to be had for those lucky enough to win them. … Beyond that, this figures to be a thrilling final weekend in the rest of the National League. All four playoff spots are still up for grabs (although it is really beginning to look like the Cubs are in and the Brewers are out). This could be one of the best finishes in years, and even those of us who are going to be stuck here at Chavez Ravine will be enjoying it from afar.

Staying the course

Grady said before the game that the Dodgers need to “stay the course” with their young players and their plan and not stray from it. He asked, part rhetorically and part earnestly, what the Dodgers had been doing since they last won the World Series in 1988, a clear reference to the fact the team’s longstanding method of signing high-priced free agents simply hasn’t worked out, and that the current plan of drafting and developing is the right one. Some will applaud what Grady said, while others will dismiss it. But the Rockies are a perfect example of what can happen when you have a lot of young talent, you’re patient, and you allow it to develop. They endured years of growing pains, including a good portion of this year, but it’s all paying off now.

Abreu, Furcal, Kent and Penny all done

Tony Abreu (abdominal/groin strain) and Rafael Furcal (lower back) have all been shut down for the season, and understandably so. Why risk further injury when there is so little at stake. Kent, whose hammy has been bothering him all year and who suffered a bruised left leg when he slid into home plate on Tuesday night, will be available only in an emergency. And Penny will NOT make his scheduled start in Sunday’s season finale. Nothing wrong with him, but why subject him to any chance of an injury in such a meaningless game? … Asked Grady about possible coaching changes, and he didn’t really bite. “We’ll see,” is all he said, which to me is a strong indicator that something is going to happen. My guess is Bill Mueller goes back upstairs, so they’ll need a hitting coach, but there could be some other changes, as well. …