Mark it down: Boston will win

The Rockies are a great story, but the nine-day layoff, the fact the Red Sox have Beckett and Schilling ready for the first two games on regular rest and, of course, the whole A.L.-N.L. thing, and there isn’t much reason to think Colorado has a chance. I read where Ryan Spilborghs is their likely DH for the Fenway Park games. Boston’s DH will be David Ortiz. Hmmmm, what a matchup that is. The point is, A.L. teams ALWAYS have a huge advantage over N.L. teams in A.L. parks because A.L. teams have a full-time DH who plays every day, where N.L. teams usually have to insert somebody off their bench (read: somebody who isn’t good enough to play every day). The irony is that after all those years of being built around the long ball in their longball-happy ballpark, the Rockies are now built around pitching and defense — just in time to play in a World Series in a ballpark similar to Coors Field, another yard that seems perfectly tailored to having a bunch of bashers in your lineup. Problem is, the Rockies don’t really have that anymore.

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