Kuroda update: He’s leaving on a jet plane

A non-stop flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles, to be exact, and due to land at LAX at 9:30 tomorrow morning, from what I understand. That could mean one of two things. One, that he changed his mind yet again and decided to go ahead with his recruiting trip to Seattle and Los Angeles. Or, more likely, that he has decided to sign with the Dodgers. Sounds like this is really close to happening. I KNOW the Dodgers have offered three years, and I THINK they have offered $30 million. Assuming the conclusion I am jumping to is a sound one, this is a HUGE pickup for the boys, a great addition to the rotation. This and the addition of Andruw Jones probably makes them the favorite in what will be arguably the deepest, most competitive division in baseball in 2008. Stay tuned, boys and girls, because tomorrow could be a big news day.

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